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Once you have completed the ‘Instructions’ go ahead and create your post.

Make sure you include all your details in your description, social media, contact numbers, emails, things your clients may need to bring with them or any other important information

Here you are able to upload 1 post on our website about your Class hosted at the Flitch Green Community Hall or your Business. You can edit your post to include all of your content, times, dates, emails and contact numbers or anything you feel your customers may need to know.

Once you have contacted us and we have verified your details, we will unlock your account to grant you access to submit 1 post about your company. 

Click the ‘View Post Creator’ and then ‘Submit Post’ link below, add in your ‘Title’ and all your details you want your customers to know about in the ‘Description’, add your Company logo (or logo of your choice), fill in the excerpt and tags (optional) and hit Create Post. 

You will see your post under your ‘Dashboard’ section where you can edit as many times as you need.

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Sorry, this page is for Class Accounts only. If you wish to host a class at Flitch Green Community Hall please contact us

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